Chica Radio Girls
Documentary 57 minutes, 2011

‘Born as a nickel you will never make it to become a dime’ is how a Dutch proverb reads. However, the documentary ‘Chica Radio Girls’ shows that it is definitely possible to become an exception to this rule. We watch how Selaica (18), Joanne (17) and Eva (22) are struggling to make it in their lives, involving ups and downs. How do you overcome the difficulties at home, with friends and at school, so that you can focus on your own life and your own dreams?

Chica Radio, a successful radio show at the popular Dutch station FunX, is the heart of the movie and the place where all stories fuse. Natasja is the host of the show and the person who invented it. Together with the girls she frankly discusses subjects concerning their lives. This way they inspire a large audience of young people. As the movie progresses it becomes clear that life has taught Natasja what it means to fight for your own dreams.
‘Chica Radio Girls’ is a unique, contemporary documentary about a group of girls who are conquering their place in the World with persistence and humor. Being abundant with music and decorated with Rotterdam as its urban setting, the movie encourages everyone to keep pursuing their dreams no matter what.



Director: Elsbeth van Noppen, Natasja Morales
Photography: Jefrim Rothuizen
Sound: David Spaans
Editor: Albert Markus
Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
Production: Loes Knape
Producer: Menna Laura Meijer for Mint Film
& Koert Davidse  en Marc Thelosen for seriousFilm 

Festivals: Nederlands Film Festival Utrecht
Broadcasted on: RTV Rijnmond (509.000 viewers)

Chica Radio Girls was made possible by:
Dutch Cultural Media Fund
Rotterdam Media Fund
SNS Reaal Fonds
Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam

2011 RTV Rijnmond, Mediafonds Documentary