Nocturnal Garden is exploring the deep intimate relation between man, nature and the night.

The project consist of a large collection of films, videoclips stills and visuals that together with sounds of the night, spoken word and music, make the spectator part of the hidden nightlife of flowers and plants.

With Nocturnal Garden I create escapades, looking for sweltering air, exotic fragrances and the exuberant nature that evokes a desire for nocturnal adventures. In this hypervisual utopian botanical world, images make what is real and what is fiction seamlessly blend together.



  • 2021 Botanical Escapades live VJ performance
  • 2020 Exhibition Flower Art Museum, Aalsmeer, NL
  • 2020 Short Film A Midsummernight’s Dream, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, NL
  • 2020 Short Film Nocturnal Garden at IFFR (RTM REMIX ), Rotterdam, NL
  • 2019 Live VJ performance at Trompenburg Tuinen en Arboretum, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2019 Artist in Residence Trompenburg Tuinen en Arboretum,Rotterdam, NL


2019/2020/2021 Performance, Photography, VJ/Visuals